Gotta Love Goa

Gotta Love Goa

Gotta Love Goa

You’re in the air with nothing but a yellow sail and 4 ropes keeping you afloat. The wind feels crisp and fresh as it sweeps across your face, brushing your hair back and cooling your body. You sense the warmth of the magenta sky on your cheek, and turn to see the sun sinking behind the horizon and clouds setting the sky alight in a blaze of gold and orange. You look to the beach and your eyes are met by a shimmering carpet of light, you look to the tree-covered mountains and see them aglow with emerald fire. You’ve just witnessed a Goan sunset and your whole life is about to change.

In time your eyes will become used to the onslaught of beauty and your body will switch to ‘feeling’ mode – Goa has the mysterious ability to heighten your emotions, allowing you to experience things at a deep, gut level. In this place with its magical blend of vibrant colour and ancient architecture – not to mention bargain-price tattoos and parasailing – you’ll know what it is to truly be alive.

5 Places you HAVE to experience in Goa:

  1. Splashdown Waterpark
    The waterpark is small, but the stomach-tingling slides, great music, and delicious beer make for a fabulous, memorable, must-visit.
  2. Calangute Beach
    While Goa is famous for having warm blue waters throughout the year, the best part of Calangute beach is the watersport. Parasailing at sunset, jet-skiing, and boat rides across the paradise oceans of Goa are the next best things to heaven.
  3. Fort Aguada
    This ancient fort perched on a cliff in Northern Goa offers unparalleled views. Outside the fort bustling local markets sell Goan beer and ice cream – what better way to cool off?
  4. St Lawrence Church
    The stunning Portuguese-inspired church sits on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean. The Church boasts a romantic rose garden leading up to a small archway at the edge of the cliff – just big enough for two people to fit through.
  5. Candolim Beach
    After a day in the sun at Calangute beach, head down to Candolim beach for a taste of glittering nightlife. When you see beach bars lining the beach for kilometres, each pumping out different beats and each attracting its own satellite of dancing crowds, you’ll understand the meaning of PARTY!

Goa is more than a beach paradise – it’s an experience that will remain imprinted in your mind for all time. And whenever you glance at that inexpensive tattoo you got while lazing on a beach with your buddies, drinking Kings beer (the best in Goa) and discussing the meaning of life, you’ll hear the gentle lap of ocean waters on sugar sands, taste a fresh salt breeze in your mouth and your legs will automatically lead you to the nearest travel agent – that’s the power of Goa!

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