The Classic Man

The Classic Man

The Classic Man

Class is rarely defined by one specific factor. Fashion, etiquette, poise, and vocal expression all play a role when it comes to class. No matter how good you look or how fancy you act, if you’re wearing crocs and a vest you will be considered anything but classy.

Here are 6 tips to help you look your best:

  1. Keep it clean
    We all love standing out with bold colours and shapes, but what really grabs a crowd’s attention is classic colours with a small pop of personality. Always have a few clean cut one-coloured suits in your closet.
  2. Know how to accessorise
    This is a great way to show your personality without losing the “classy” plot. Handkerchiefs, belts, shoes, sunglasses, wrist-bands, and even a great hair-cut will add flavour to your suits.
  3. Compliment your colours
    Remember, your Indian skin tone, whether rich brown or milky beige, is the most important colour palette to work with, so be sure to use colours that compliment your skin. Try using textures and patterns to make your outfit interesting, rather than using robust colours which end up looking cheap and tacky.
  4. Have one Focus Point
    Don’t get carried away with edgy fashion trends – they’re meant for catwalk-models, so unless you’re Dino Morea, stick to using strong classic statement pieces; either with accessories or with your clothes.
  5. Timeless Classics
    Every man should have a few investment-worthy pieces in his wardrobe. To see Daniel Craig in Spectre is to witness what an exceptional suit can do for a man. Think crisp white dress shirts, perfectly tailored suits, quality leather belts, a well-cut trench coat, classic-cut blazers, cashmere crewneck sweaters, dark brown wing-tip brogues and black cap toe Oxford shoes – finished off with an elegant timepiece on your wrist.
  6. The Scent of a Man
    A time-honoured, iconic fragrance that is subtle yet intriguing is your best bet – pricey, but well worth it. The truth is, nothing shouts ‘’no class’’ like a man reeking of some overpowering fashion fad scent.

Keen to try a classic? Two that have remained at the top over the years are Guerlain’s Vetiver – a delicious blend of earthy wood, spices and tobacco – and the complex citrus sophistication of Christian Dior’s Eau Sauvage.

Make looking like a star part of your master plan, and you’ll soon begin to feel and act like one.

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